KAREN D. BECKWITH - Contemporary American Artist & Printmaker


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Soul Connections, Karen Beckwith, Artist, Printmaker


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Having been an avid cyclist for most of her life, Karen uses her bicycle as a regular mode of transportation. This has the benefit of allowing her to interact with her passing surroundings on an intimate level. With nothing to distort her view, the perspective from the seat of her bicycle is unencumbered and filled with a youthful exuberance. Karen’s rides have provided countless moments of inspiration over the decades, and recently her bicycle itself has become a catalyst for a body of work. These new pieces, which include mixed media and installation art, explore the dichotomy between contemporary man’s pace of living and the bike’s connection with a calmer way of interacting with the world.


"URBAN BICYCLE",  Lithograph,  10 x 8 inches,  $150,  -  "RIDE TO WORK",  SOLD  -  "STAY IN THE BIKE LANE",  Lithograph,  20 x 16 inches,  $400


"BIKE SHARING SYSTEM",  Lithograph and Public Installation of Large Scale Wrap Print of the Lithograph,   20 x 16 inches,  $400


"DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT",  3-D Assemblage,  17 x 21 x 5 inches,  PRIVATE COLLECTION





"KEYLESS ENTRY",  Lithograph,  15 x 17 inches,  $275


"TREE OF LIFE",  Hand Colored Woodcut,  9 x 9 inches,  $225  -  "THRESHOLD",  Hand Colored Woodcut,  10 x 11 inches,  $225




Karen has been involved with the development and growth of ANNADELE ALPACAS for twenty years. This very special alpaca farm creates a line of fine crafted alpaca products and Karen spends as much time on the farm as she can. She has an affinity for hens and roosters which are now making appearances in her prints! 


"CITY CHICKEN #2",  Monotype,  11 x 15 inches,  $200


"CITY CHICKEN #1",  "CITY CHICKEN #3",  "CITY CHICKEN #4",  Monotypes,  11 x 15 inches, $200 each