KAREN D. BECKWITH - Contemporary American Artist & Printmaker


Portfolio of art prints by Karen Beckwith.

Dramatic Moments, Lithographs, Karen D. Beckwith, Printmaker


Karen equates her printmaking processes to her investigation of the places she lives and visits. Both are a journey of discovery where layers of information and meaning develop from careful observation. Karen regards herself as a seeker who travels, explores, and gathers tidbits of experience. Life intersects with art, when she transforms the tidbits of life into nuggets of visual creativity. Utilizing assorted print making processes, Karen blends her captured moments into visual fields that are evocative reflections of often over looked, yet commonly shared experiences, memories and symbols. In this way Karen transforms everyday objects and occurences into conduits of place and emotion.

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"FIRE SALE",  Lithograph,  20 x 15 inches,  $350


"EMOTIONAL AVALANCHE",  Lithograph,  11 x 15 inches,  $325  


"BALANCE",  Lithograph,  20 x 24 inches,  $425


"STORM",  Lithograph,  22 x 20 inches,  $400





"CONTEMPLATION",  Lithograph,  12 x 9 inches,  $275  -  "BURIED MEMORIES",  Lithograph,  20 x 14 inches,  $350   


"INSIDE OUT",  Lithograph,  10 x 14.5,  $275


"MEMORY OF THE MOTH",  Lithograph,  15 x 11 inches,  $300  -  "A PLACE TO PONDER",  Lithograph,  15 x 12 inches,  $300